A Simple Guide on Different Types of Accessories for ID Cards

Companies rely on ID cards and badges because they serve significant purposes in the workplace. Every organization in today’s world looks for new fashionable types of identity cards that impressively represent their employees inside and outside the office in other events. Hence the demand for ID card accessories, like badge holders, badge reels, etc., has increased, and organizations look for different varieties to make their employees stand out.

Different Types of Accessories for ID Cards

Many different types of accessories contribute to making a perfect ID card. Organizations often ignore these types, but these small accessories make a difference and help your employees use them daily without damaging or losing them. So the necessary accessories required are:

  1. Lanyards

It is simple to fasten retractable ID card reels to a belt, wallet, or even lanyard. In order to promote flexibility and movement, these accessories may include rotating clips and lengthy cables that are small and convenient. They can pull up, down, sideways, extend, and retract. Additionally, they make it simple to show badges without fuss and swipe in any direction with only a quick pull. Your badge is instantly retracted, and the process is automated.

  1. Badge Reels

A retractable cable is housed in a container or box called a badge reel. A badge holder is connected to this cable. A badge reel is often square or circular. They are a great technique to guarantee that workers utilize their ID cards. They are also a fantastic substitute for lanyards, particularly in environments where they provide a risk.

ID badge reels with belt clip, swivel clip, alligator spring clip, etc., are available in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. They are worn by police officers, nurses, drivers, doctors, and other essential workers. Providing these reels to such workers and employees will improve the visibility of ID cards, and their likelihood of forgetting them will also decrease.

  1. Badge Holders

Badge holders are created to hold your badges conveniently and securely while offering robustness and protection for longer life. They add convenience and safety. The correct badge holder has a pre-punched slot and chain holes so you can easily connect clips, lanyards, and reels without ever having to puncture or otherwise harm your ID card. Employees do not have to worry about losing their cards when they have a badge reel. They may be attached to a belt with a flat clip or a carabiner (metal loop or hook) type clip via a belt loop. Both types hold objects firmly in position.

  1. Clip

The simplest and most economical method of fastening badges to clothing, bags, or other items is with strap clips. These attachments come in vinyl or plastic. They are a small yet essential part of any ID card as they help the individual attach it or stick it to clothing or different items, preventing it from getting lost.


Using different accessories like badge reels, ID cards can be made more usable, robust, secure, and suitable for employees to wear all day. You can find these accessories easily on different online sites. But before choosing any particular one, make sure you do thorough research about the price and types that perfectly fit your business. Businesses can also get ID cards customized according to their brand color and logo to represent the brand completely.

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