All You Need to Know About SS13 Robotics

All You Need to Know About SS13 Robotics


Space Station 13, known simply as SS13 robotics. It is a leading action tile-based multiplayer video game.It was published in 2003 and ran on the freeware BYOND game engine. The game takes place in a future space station. The environment may change based on the game server, including spaceships and exoplanets.Its focus on player tasks characterizes the main game: at the start of each round, players select and assign different roles and try to assist or impede the advancement of others. SS13 robotics is a session-based, top-down, multiplayer RPG in which individuals work on a space station and interact with anything.

It started as a somberatmospherics’ sim integrated within the freeware engine BYOND. But, when the source was made public after development. SS13 robotics now lives as a spectrum of very diverse, community-run servers. Some of them are semi-serious roleplaying settings. Few people are lawless. Some of them don’t even have space stations. Most are “invisible traitor” games, but they all have two main elements. First, they’re a real pain in the ass to play, but the tales they produce are worth it.


The material determines the gameplay of Space Station 13, settings, and code used on the game server. Because the game is open-source, user-maintained and customized game servers host sessions. This may change or vary the gaming experience. Sessions in which players play in rounds, with participants having the option of creating a personalized character.They are starting with a randomly created one or using a previously existing one. Players may select from various professions, like janitor, engineer, or clown, defining their roles and duties. Sessions don’t link to one another, allowing players to switch jobs, characters, or playstyles.

The player may interact with virtually any item or creature in the game environment in a context-sensitive manner. Every interaction has impressive results depending on many variables (e.g., Using a crowbar on another player would be an assault, while using it for a floorboard would be a pry). Depending on the server, the player may also change their character’s’motive’ between four states (Help, Disarm, Grab, and Harm). For example, you might use your character’s helpful hands to aid a fallen player get up and then strike them with malice.


Because there is no agreed-upon canonical narrative for each server, most, if not all, have unique lives and backstories. Space Station 13 is set decades in the future on a research station operated by Nanotrasen. The station exists to research the flammable mineral ‘plasma’ (or ‘phoron’ on specific servers). Nanotrasen’s strength and influence have effectively made them a government entity, but their intentions are frequently ambiguous (based on the server).

A slew of third-party aggressors is attacking Nanotrasen due to its enormous size and massive monopoly on plasma. These include the Syndique, the Space Wizard Federation (a hostile federal organization), and the Changelings, an extraterrestrial race that can assimilate any natural lifestyle. This includes the SMEs (the alliance of smaller companies with planetary governments).

All You Need to Know About SS13 Robotics

SS13 ROBOTICS’s Current Game Modes


Some people want to drink your blood! These bloodsuckers can survive stuns, vanish as a bat, summon protective spirits, and unleash zombie minions on anybody who dares to challenge them at higher levels.Contrary to common belief, vampires are sensitive to the illumination of stars in Space and sacred things. However, death is just a minor setback for them as well as their coffin-regeneration abilities.


Someone made a catastrophic error, and the station is now in ruins. The floors are deteriorating, and bodies litter the corridors. Something else has replaced Space, and quantum portals regularly deliver terrible creatures you may have seen before. As part of a salvage mission, your goal is to find out why, or at the very least, survive to tell the tale of the what. After a series of more jumbled announcements, the shuttle comes in, and your main goal is to escape aboard it—preferably alive. The player initiates this game mode. However, it’s a good idea to check with the crew beforehand!


Three crew members are revolutionaries who wish to murder all of the chiefs of staff, may request special rev gear to help in the cause, and can utilize flashes to attract any non-security member to their side. In this game style, the shuttle might get a call but will not come, implying that it can only finish if one side thrives more than the other. Formerly deleted owing to its propensity for huge, violent stalemates, developers reintroduced it in 2017 according to public demand!


The blob seems to be a jelly-like creature that spreads quickly throughout the station, eliminating barriers like walls, windows, including crew members. At the start of the game, one or more player-controlled blobs would deploy anywhere on the station and instantly expand outwards. It is very flammable; welders, flamethrowers, and real fire will harm and destroy the blob one tile at a time. The AI must assist the crew in combating the blob.


American football, rather an association football, inspired the design. Everyone spawns as football players in a locker room on a unique map.Dressed in Space American Football gear and is allocated to either the red or blue side. The soccer players spawn after a time onto the field where they have to go football towards the opposing area, red to the left and blue to the right. A “touchdown” occurs when a football is successfully carried into an opponent’s endzone, causing a minor explosion and awarding the team points. After 15 minutes, whoever has the most points are considered the winner. Players are constantly respawned every 15 seconds.


“Flockmind” transforms the boat/station into a powerful relay capable of reaching any point in the universe. It can overhear radio stations (albeit with severe distortions). It has enormous radio power. This must generate “flockdrones,” weird teal birds that can produce more of its type, and collect the vessel/station for the necessary resources and infrastructure for its transmission.

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