Berserk Season 3: Release Date And Updates

Berserk Season 3: Release Date And Updates

Berserk is an animated series based on a manga series. The manga series has the same name. It is a beloved anime in Japan, and people love it the same all over the world. The series started in 2016 and is continuing. Fans are waiting for Berserk Season 3, which will release shortly for the eager fans. It is based on fantasy and has a very dark theme which is the special of anime.

This excellent anime series is directed by Shin Itagaki, a big name in the industry. Makoto Fukami and Takashi Yamashita wrote the story and dialogue for it. Liden Films produce the project.


What Is Good In The Show:

           If you ask me what is good about this show, the reply will also be a question, “what isn’t good about it?”. The 2016 Berserk series is not a whole new series. Instead, it continues the stories of its past adaption. The new series started in 2016, and now two seasons have been aired for the fans. Berserk Season 3 is on the way, and fans will go crazy once it hits the screens.

            The series is fun for the old fan of Berserk and who have followed the Berserk manga. This animated series will appeal to those old followers more. The dark twists and turns of the story.


The Plot Of Season 1 And 2:

           The story of this animated series revolves around “Black swordsman” Guts. Guts is a mercenary, now his heart is full of vengeance. He was once a lone wolf, a wandering mercenary. The Band of the Hawk took him in as a member. He joined and followed this group of mercenaries. He served the group and worked with its member.

           The group was destroyed by its leader Griffith. Griffith who was the  best friend to Guts and also their leader. He sacrificed his group and his people to the evil power. Griffith did it to become God’s Hand and gain evil powers and he also  wanted to rule a kingdom of his own with his powers. Guts and Casca, who is also Guts lover, escape this horror. Casca and Guts could escape this insanity, but they get branded with the mark of evil.

The mark is pure evil and attracts evil spirits and demons. So, to protect Casca, Guts leave Casca to his friends Godo, his daughter Erica and Rickert. These are also members of their group but they remain safe due to their absence. Guts sets on the conquest to avenge his loss, Casca and his fallen brothers and sisters. He spends years looking for his old friend and now a bitter enemy.

Years go by, and Guts is not able to succeed in his mission of finding Griffith but On his journey, he makes a new friend Puck. Puck, an elf, joins him in his journey to defeat God’s Hand. They are now on their conquest of defeating evil.

Fans are eager to see what happens next. The first two seasons were full of excitement and horrors. Hence, fans expect the same from Berserk season 3, which will unfold the new mysteries and story of good vs. evil.


Release Date Of Season 3:

Season 1 and 2 of Berserk aired between 2016 and 2017. Along time has passed since then, and no new season has come out. Fans were waiting for the third season for a long time. “The story continues” was the message that the second season left for the audience.

It has been confirmed now that the third season will be out soon. The season will be released after the 41st volume of the manga series. Speculations are that the Berserk season 3 will be released at the end of 2021 or 2022. The production is underway, but an official date has not been announced. Fans are speculating for their favorite season.

We will update the new date of the season on our platform. Stay connected to know the new details about the show.


The Plot Of Berserk Season 3:

           Season three will end the story of the Falcon of the Millennium Empire in the series. Arc will search for a ship to bring the group to Skellig with him. Vandimion family will have a deep conversation; this will get difficult and dangerous because Guts will declare war.

Emperor Ganishka will declare a conquest toward the Holy See but the dispute might not be as vital because the family knows that Kushan Empire is also at their gates because guts and Kushan Empire will align against Ganishka.

Their battle will tear a hole in the celestial sphere. The physical and spirit world will start to unite, and this will be doom for Guts. This event will be the start of Griffith’s domination and loss of Guts. Demons will freely move around in the world when these events happen.

These are expectations; how the story will unfold is yet to be seen. Fans are waiting for the arrival of the third season to get their answers.


Berserk Season 3: Release Date And Updates

The Main Characters Of The Story:

The anime is a fan favorite without a doubt, but what makes a series or a movie enjoyable are its characters. Following are the main characters of Berserk Season 3 that will be entertaining audiences.

  • Guts: Guts is the main character of the story. Guts is a handsome and powerful person and also He is a great swordsman, and his dragon slayer flaming sword is one of its kind.
  • Puck: Puck is an elf. He has magical powers. Puck with his powers can blind enemies and can heal the wounds of people he wants. The elf has become friends with Guts on his journey of vengeance.
  • Casca: Casca is the love interest of our lead character, and she is also the only female soldier. Casca has been marked the same as Guts.
  • Griffith: Griffith is the main evil in this story. Guts are set out to hunt him down and get his revenge on Griffith, who was once his best friend.



           These were all the detail about the upcoming season of Berserk. Berserk season 3 will release soon and will answer some of the questions of the fans. All the details known about the show are provided here and we will also keep providing the new details about the series too. Keep following us to know more about it.


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