Cast and Release Date of Young and Hungry Season 6

Cast and Release Date of Young and Hungry Season 6

Young and Hungry Season is an American sitcom. The series is a romantic comedy that’s release date is June 25th, 2014. The series was a great hit in the United States. People are in love with the comic timings of the characters and also the romance that makes it even better.

The series release year was 2014, and in 2015, it ended with season 5. The series has a total of 71 episodes, and David Holden is the director of this show. David Holden is a great director and one of the best in sitcoms. The main production studio was Freeform Original Production. Freeform quit the show’s production after the fifth season of the series, but a film was in talks for this series, but later freeform abandoned that project too.

The plot of Young and Hungry:

Fans speculate Season 6 of Young and Hungry to release soon but before that, let’s see what this show is all about. This sitcom is a romantic comedy like the typical American Rom-com sitcoms. The story revolves around a couple and their relationship.

The sitcom sets in San Francisco; Josh Kaminski is a tech entrepreneur. He is a wealthy person who hires a female personal chef. The female chef Gabi Diamond gets sexually involved with her employer Josh Kaminski. The love interest starts after a one-night stand between two that happens after Gabi’s first trial dinner. 

The story starts after this and has various turns and twists. Gabi has to face multiple challenges in her life as an employee, and she also has problems in the outside world; the humor comes from the issues they face and the way they tackle these problems.

Audiences are not satisfied with the show’s ending in 2018, so they are rooting for season 6, Young and Hungry.

Cast and Characters:

Cast and Characters strengthen the story of a show. Crew matters a lot, and the actors who are playing a character can put life in them. Following are the cast and personalities of the Young and Hungry series:

Gabi Diamond:

 Emily Osment plays the role of Gabi diamond in this series. Gabi is from Florida but lives in San Francisco. She is a young chef and works for Josh. Gabi has a one-night stand with Josh and falls in love with him after the encounter.

Josh Kaminski: 

Jonathan Sadowski is playing the role of Josh Kaminski; Josh Kaminski is a young entrepreneur. He hires Gabi Diamond and later gets sexually involved with the character, and their relationship goes through several ups and downs.

Cast and Release Date of Young and Hungry Season 6

Sofia Rodriguez:

Aimee Carrero plays Sofia’s character, and she is a strong lady and a career-driven person. Sofia is the best friend of Gabi, our young chef, so she guides her throughout the series about her life and relationship.

Elliot Park:

Rex Lee plays the character of Elliot Park; he is an openly gay character in this movie. Rex Lee is the publicist of Josh and his right hand. He is a Korean-American and one of the essential characters of the series.

Speculations about Young & Hungry Season 6:

Fans are waiting for the release of Young and Hungry season 6. There were speculations that Young and Hungry Season 6 Episode 1 would be released in late 2020, but nothing happened. Now fans are wondering that will they ever be able to see the 6th season of this show.

Young and Hungry is available on Netflix, and after its availability on Netflix, fans thought that Netflix might make efforts for the 6th season of the show. We are hopeful that we will get the Young and Hungry Season 6 Netflix release date soon, so Netflix is the final hope for the fans for season 6 of the show.

Release Date of the Season 6:

There is hope that the Young and Hungry Season 6 will release soon, but there has been no announcement of any kind for the release of the 6th season. Even Netflix has not announced any date for the release of season 6. We should hope for the best so that we can watch the proper ending of this comedy series one day.

How to Watch the Show:

The fans cannot get enough of this season, and some want to watch it again. So, there are several sites where you can watch the Young and Hungry series online. Following is the place you can visit to watch your favorite show:


Netflix is the biggest live video streaming platform, and it has hundreds of your favorite shows that you can watch online. Young and Hungry Season 1 to 5 are also available on Netflix, but you need to have a premium account to see the content available on Netflix. It is not a free site as it charges monthly or annual fees for its services.


123movies is a fantastic site where you can watch movies and web series, and you can also watch television series on this site. You don’t need to purchase any account to see content on this site. The site provides its services for free. Just visit the site and search for Young and Hungry; you can watch it in HD on 123movies.

AZ Series:

Az Series is also a free platform to watch movies and series. The site has awesome content that you can watch online for free. Young and Hungry seasons 1 to 5 are also available on this site, and you should visit and search for your favorite show to watch it online.


So, these were all the detail we had on season 6 of Young and hungry. It was a fantastic series that entertained people for six years with 71 episodes, but some of us want more from it. Therefore we hope that we get another season of this show to enjoy a perfect ending for it.

Hopes are high as they should be, and the universe might listen to our hopes and grant us a chance to lay our eyes on another season of this show. We will update you more if we get any news related to this show. Keep following us to get more updates.


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