Cricket, Cricket Ball & Bat

Cricket is a famous game played all around the world. It is renowned in the areas where the British have ruled. They introduced cricket to those areas, and then it became popular among the people of those areas.

Cricket is called the game of gentlemen. Two teams play the game, and each section has 11 players.

Cricket Bat and Cricket ball are the two essential for the game. There are several other things, but bat and ball are the most important. In this article, we will get to know about cricket and its rules.

Invention Of Cricket:

Cricket originates from London. There is no historical evidence for the exact time of its invention, but some believe it was around the Saxon period. Historians think that it originates from southeast England.

There are different theories about the invention the cricket. Some believe it was an accident. Boys playing in wood accidentally invented it. There is another theory; it thinks it is a form of bowls. It is a type of bowl where a person tries to stop the ball from hitting the target. Although it is a theory, most people believe it.

The first reference of cricket can be found in 1611. It was called the adult game in 1611. The game was officially played using county names in 1709.


Rise Of Cricket:

Cricket was a leading sport in the country in the 18th century. Rules of cricket were for the first time in 1774. The Cricket bat was standardized and also the cricket ball. So, the 18th century saw several innovations in cricket.

Cricket made its way to America in the 17th century and was made world support in the 18th century. British colonists are responsible for its reach to the whole globe. People worldwide, especially Australia, South Asia, South Africa, and New Zealand, play this game and love it.


Formats Of Cricket:

Cricket is an old sport. It is a world sport, and people are crazy about it. People in Pakistan and India have a unique craze for this game. Cricket is played in three formats, and they are the main three formats. There are other formats, but we will only discuss the primary forms.

Following are the three main formats of cricket:

·        Test Cricket

·        One Day Cricket

·        Twenty20 Cricket

Test Cricket:

It is the oldest format of cricket. Test cricket form of cricket which is very long, two teams compete for the four-innings match. The match can last up to 5 days. The days limit has been set recently, but it was longer than 5 days in the past.

Two teams play the game. Both teams consist of eleven players. Most international teams play test cricket, but Test cricket games are rare.

One Day Cricket:

As the name suggests, it is a game of cricket for a single day. The teams are of eleven players, and they face off for 2 innings. In one day of cricket, each inning consists of 50 overs. This is the most famous form of cricket, but recently people are not showing much interest in it.


On an international level, most cricket matches are in this format. It is time-saving, but at the same time, it is more challenging than other formats.

Twenty20 Cricket:

Twenty20 cricket is the third most famous form of cricket. T-Twenty cricket is an international cricket format.

It consists of the shortest time. Two teams play for two innings, and each inning has over a limit of 20. This is where the name comes from Twenty20 cricket.


Types of Cricket Balls:

Cricket Ball is the most essential part of cricket. One cannot play cricket without it. Cricket ball in the start was of red color, but with the introduction, cricket came white ball one day.

Cricket, Cricket Ball & Bat

Balls of all colors are made using the same method, but differences come in dying the ball. Internationally, they use the red ball for test matches because it is traditional and doesn’t deteriorate quickly.

One day, cricket teams use a white ball. It is easily visible in night matches. The white ball quickly depreciates and is difficult to see for the players. So, per rule, players use two balls in each innings to make it easy to sight the ball.

Teams use pink balls for night test matches. Red balls are not clearly visible at night, and white balls depreciate quickly. Therefore, teams use pinks balls because they are more durable than the white and visible than the red ones.


Types of Cricket Bats:

Cricket bats are of different types. They vary in their material, but there is no such rule for using a specific type of bat. There are rules about the bat’s shape, size, and dimensions, but there is no specification about the bat’s material.


Rules Of Cricket:

A game is nothing without rules. ICC has some written rules for cricket, so its game flows easily. Here we will define some of the basic rules:

·        Teams consist of eleven players, and the match is between two groups.

·        Games consist of at least one inning.

·        One Team bowls and other bats and then take turns.

·        A bowler bowls from the bowling team, and the team’s objective is to out the batsman.

·        The batsman is out when the ball, the wicket or is bowling team catches it on the full. He is also out if the ball hits the batsman in front of the wicket. The other way is if it hits the wicket when the batsman is out of the line.

·        Batsman’s objective is to hit score by either hitting ball out of the boundary or by hitting the ball and running between the wickets for runs.

·        In the end, the team with the highest score wins.



Cricket is an international game, and people around the globe love it. Articles provide you with all the cricket information. You will know more once you play the game. We told you about cricket’s essentials like Cricket bat and Cricket ball.

Cricket is a fun game, and people of some areas are crazy about it. Cricket world cups attract a lot of audiences. This was a brief introduction to cricket, and we hope you like it.


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