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If you’ve been following the media for a while, you’ve probably come across the sarcastic, funny, and often heartwarming Dad and Buried the Anti Parent parenting blog. Mike Julianelle is a thirty-something Brooklynite and newlywed father living in North Carolina. His goal is to offer other parents a forum where they can voice their opinions without fear of criticism or condemnation.

Julianelle’s blog is a diary of being a dad

Blogs of Dads is a compilation of blogs by US fathers. Mike Julianelle, a thirty-something Brooklynite, started the blog as a diary of his parenting experiences. He writes about his adventures as a first-time parent and gives his honest opinion on parenting. As a new father, Julianelle will probably become a veteran parent in a few years. However, his cynicism makes the blog worth a read.

In his blog, DadNCharge, Terran Nirvana Williams shares experiences with dads of boys with disabilities. He reflects on his journey as a dad and doesn’t shy away from laying out the ugly. His blog is a space where fathers can connect and draw strength and inspiration from other dads. His goal is to help other dads find inspiration in the blog.

It is a safe space for parents to express themselves without fear of condemnation

Brooklyn-based blogger Mike Julianelle admits that being a father is a drag. It requires a complete lifestyle change. Gone are the days when he could go out and drink as he pleased. Instead, he devotes much of his time to his family. While Mike claims to be true to himself, he admits that he has to put his kids first.

It is sarcastic

Whether you have two kids or three, Dad and Buried is a hilarious and entertaining blog for parents. The author, Mike Julianelle, hails from Brooklyn and admits that parenting is tough and can be very stressful. As a result, he uses his parenting blog to air out his frustrations and share stories with his readers. He aims to provide a safe place for readers to post their opinions without fear of being judged. While many people will find his blog funny, it might not be for everyone.

One reader commented that he was disappointed by some posts, but he was happy that others found his humor refreshing. One post called “The Anti Parent” received over two million views! As a result, Dad and Buried have gained a following among parents and non-parents alike. In addition to its popularity, Dad and Buried have helped many parents and children, and Julianelle claims that it has helped him in his parenting struggles.

It is amusing

Whether you love or hate parenting, you can’t escape the fact that you’re going to have to deal with a child. This parenting blog aims to help you deal with all the nuisances that come along with the job. It’s easy to become depressed, frustrated, or just plain tired. The blog is a great way to laugh while also learning more about the role of a parent.

Julianelle, who calls himself an anti-parent, writes on the Dad and Buried blog to vent his frustrations with his parents. The blog portrays him as cynical and mocking, but he acknowledges that parenting is challenging. Despite the anti-parenting tone, readers may find Julianelle’s post-mortem amusing and even useful. Even though he is a cynic, he claims that his blog is aimed at parents and is a safe space for parents who are experiencing difficult feelings.

Dad and Buried the Anti-Parent Parenting Blog

‘Dad and Buried the Anti-Parent Parenting Blog’ is written by Brooklyn-based Mike Julianelle. The blog is filled with sarcasm and observations of fatherhood, as well as the destruction of social life. Despite its cynicism, Mike Julianelle’s blog is a refreshing change from the trite, sanitized posts that populate the anti-parenting blogs.

Mike Julianelle’s blog

The parenting blog of Mike Julianelle, a Brooklyn father, is a forum for ranting and complaining. While Julianelle describes himself as a pessimist, he acknowledges that being a parent is not an easy job. Though he admits that he may irritate some readers, he says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and is working on making the site a nonjudgmental space.

The Brooklyn native who writes the blog claims that fatherhood isn’t a fun job and requires several lifestyle changes. The fatherhood role is not as easy as he had initially expected and he no longer gets to drink whenever he pleases. But despite all this, Mike Julianelle insists that he remains true to himself. And as a result, the blog has garnered plenty of followers and praise.

While raising a child is an unrelenting dream, it can also be a nightmare. Society has many opinions about parents. But it’s better to ignore them and embrace the fact that parents are not perfect, and that their children can be cruel or ugly, spoiled or both. However, despite these criticisms, Mike Julianelle’s blog still has the potential to educate and entertain parents.

This blog is aimed at new parents who are struggling with parenting. The author acknowledges that not all children like parents. Some people hate children at the start but end up loving them after they become parents. This blog is aimed at helping these parents cope with these difficulties. Its author is a father of a boy, and he welcomes readers’ comments and questions in the comment section. He then answers them in future blogs.

It’s not cynical

Whether you agree or disagree with Julianelle, you might not like his blog. It is a place for him to vent his frustrations with his parents. The author portrays himself as a “counter-parent,” a cynical, mocking critic. While his opinions are not always entirely accurate, readers might find them amusing or helpful. Julianelle describes himself as an “anti-parent” in a way that makes readers feel free to criticize his views.

The author of Dad and Buried the anti-parent blog is a thirty-something Brooklynite named Mike Julianelle. In this blog, he shares his frustrations and experiences as a parent. While it’s often cynical, he’s not trying to condemn other parents for feeling fearful about the responsibilities of parenthood. Instead, he offers helpful parenting tips and advice based on his own experiences. His goal is to give other parents a non-judgmental space to share their experiences with their kids.

While the title of this blog sounds a bit cynical, you should still read it. This blog will make you think and be better as a parent. This blog focuses on parenting and related issues that have a media angle. Topics range from drug addiction to relationship troubles. Overall, it’s a great read for any parent, including new parents.

It’s not judgmental

In a post on the blog Dad and Buried, author Mike Julianelle describes himself as a “counter-parent” who uses the blog to vent his frustrations. He recognizes that parenting is a challenging and stressful process, and hopes to provide a safe space for readers to post about their own experiences without fear of being judged. Though Dad and Buried may not be for everyone, the blog’s nonjudgmental tone makes it an enjoyable read.

The father and buried the anti-parent parenting blog is a good read for all parents. Although it is not a judgmental blog, the author does make some controversial points. For example, some people are offended by the title, which may seem judgmental. While it may seem like dad and buried the anti-parent parenting blog is not judgmental, readers should consider their motives before deciding whether to read the blog.

The blogger, Mike Julianelle, is a thirty-something North Carolinian who runs the popular Dad and Buried blog. He is a new father who sarcastically shares his experiences of fatherhood. While his blog reads like a diary, he does talk about his relationship with his son. His blog also features podcasts, social media posts, and an online store.

It’s a diary of being a dad

It’s a diary of being sappy, funny, and real–this is the memoir of a new father. Tom Briggs, a new father, runs the blog It’s a diary of being a dad. He shares his experiences as a new parent and offers top tips for first-time dads. His book is written in first-person, so readers will feel as if they’re observing the author’s life.

It’s a resource for parents

Mike Julianelle is a thirty-something Brooklynite, a new dad to North Carolina, and a snarky scribbler of new parenthood. Initially, he’s complaining about all the new responsibilities. However, soon, he’ll become an expert parent, raising his perfect child. Aside from his love for his wife and son, Mike is also a proud father.

The blog has been online for over a decade and is extremely popular among parents and non-parents. It has become an invaluable resource for many parents. It was started by a thirty-year-old Brooklynite, Mike Julianelle, who started Dad and Buried as a warning for other parents. His posts are well-written and often humorous. As a parent, you are responsible for your child’s health and education, as well as his transformation.

One of the reasons why Dad and Buried have become so popular is because of its unique message: to provide useful information for parents and a non-judgmental space. Mike’s mission is to create a platform where parents can share their experiences and frustrations. He has a son, and a daughter, and writes about the experiences of being a parent. Although being a parent is challenging, he maintains that he’s staying true to himself.

It’s a podcast

Dad and Buried is an anti-parenting blog run by Mike Julianelle. The blog has been running since 2013, and it covers topics affecting parents today. It also tackles issues such as drug addiction, relationship problems, and family arguments. As a parent, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work, time, and money you must invest in your children. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone, because there are many resources available that will help you cope with all of the stress of parenting.

The anti-parent blog is a fantastic resource for parents. It features stories from real dads and offers practical parenting advice. The content of Dad and Buried is incredibly real and humorous, and many parents will appreciate the honest approach to parenting. Despite its name, you can’t help but laugh along with the author. It’s worth giving it a try! If nothing else, it’ll give you a new perspective on fatherhood.

Mike Julianelle is an American dad and blogger. He writes a humorous and insightful blog that gives tips on parenting. The blog’s name is apt, as Mike is a Brooklynite who recently moved to North Carolina. Although the blog can be highly controversial, it’s easy to relate to Mike’s witty commentary. The underlying message is one of truth. He’ll be a famous parenting expert in a few years.

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