What You Should Know About the Magic Sleek Hair Treatment

If you are considering buying the Magic Sleek hair treatment, there are many questions that you should consider. There are many things to consider when buying it, including its ingredients, price, and side effects. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the most important points you should keep in mind. This is the best hair treatment for short, curly, and thick hair! Also, read on to discover more about the side effects and addiction that occur when using this product.

Proaddiction lasts about 4 to 6 months

Proaddiction is a hair treatment that combines the nourishing properties of a conditioner with a powerful anti-frizz complex. It transforms hair from dull, lifeless and frizzy to shiny and silky, and lasts about four to six months, depending on how often you wash your locks. Its results are so dramatic that it might seem too good to be true.

It can be used for any type of hair, from fine and wavy to frizzy, and gives you perfect straightening results. Its multi-protein formula helps rebuild hair protein, making it silky and smooth. Unlike hair straighteners that have to be reapplied every few weeks, ProAddiction is permanent, allowing you to wash and style your hair whenever you want. You can use it multiple times to avoid a flat hair look. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for anyone who changes their hairstyle often.

In addition to the ProAddiction multi-protein hair straightening system, this product is odorless and formaldehyde free. It’s worth the money if you have frizzy hair that requires constant straightening. This product also restores the protein of your hair, making it strong and healthy. the production also lasts about four to six months with Magic Sleek, so you can repeat the procedure for an unlimited number of times and still look great!

Ingredients in magic sleek hair treatment

The ingredient list of the Magic Sleek hair treatment includes an array of essential ingredients that are great for the health of your hair and the environment. The formula contains none of the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in traditional hair treatments. These include parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. Magic Sleek is also free of any harsh chemicals or dyes that may cause skin irritation. This product can be used on any surface, from the face to the hair. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for all hair types and textures.

The process of applying the Magic Sleek hair treatment may take as long as two hours and involves washing the hair three times to remove any buildup. Once the hair is clean, the treatment should be applied to the hair and left for up to 45 minutes. Depending on how much hair you want straightened, you can choose from different application times. The shorter time is best for removing frizz and adding shine while the longer application time is ideal for straightening the hair. Magic Sleek can be used on all hair types and is safe for color-treated hair as well.

The Magic Sleek hair treatment is a great alternative to chemically straightening your hair. Not only is this treatment safer, but it can also make your hair smoother and manageable for longer. No longer will you have to worry about a greasy tresses that is unruly all the time. The result is a sleek, manageable head of hair that stays that way for days. And because it’s non-drying, it can even be used on dry hair.

The Magic Sleek has many benefits for your hair, including anti-aging properties and natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. This treatment is packed with Omega 3 and Omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial for the health of your hair. These components can give your hair the nutrition it needs. The product also provides your hair with essential nutrients that it needs to be straight. So, if you’ve had the problem of dry and damaged hair, you should give this treatment a try.

Price of magic sleek hair treatment

If you’re looking for a treatment to straighten your hair, then you might be wondering how much the Magic Sleek hair treatment costs. This product is available in two different price ranges – the standard and the express version. Prices range from $500 to $800, depending on the length of your hair. The treatment is recommended for hair that’s dry or prone to frizz. The product is also free of harmful chemicals and formaldehyde.

The Magic sleek hair treatment contains a keratin complex that delivers a power dose of smoothing properties to your hair. This product transforms your hair into a smoother, shinier version without heat or brushing. Its natural ingredients, such as Argon oil and Amino acid, hydrate the scalp and cuticles, protecting your hair color and adding softness. It’s safe to use on colored, ethnic or virgin hair and won’t harm it.

The Magic Sleek is ideal for both men and women. Unlike most hair straightening products, this product does not use harsh chemicals or heat. It dries your hair perfectly straight without the use of brushes. Its three-step system works on virtually all hair types. It also restructures curls, adds waves, and removes frizz. And unlike many other products on the market, it’s a natural product, which means it’s safe for the environment as well.

Side effects of magic sleek hair treatment

You may be wondering if Magic Sleek can have any side effects. While most hair products do have some side effects, this product has zero to none. This treatment can be used on all types of hair, including bleached, ethnic and virgin tresses. Because it is made for all hair types, there is a Magic Sleek that can suit your individual needs. There are three steps in the application process to give you the sleek look you’ve always wanted.

Magic Sleek has many advantages. This treatment straightens hair and provides instant styling and conditioning. It can take about half an hour and leave your tresses looking smooth and shiny. Hair that has been straightened with Magic Sleek lasts three to five months. The duration depends on the frequency of washing your hair and the type of treatment you choose. Aside from the benefits of having straighter hair, the treatment doesn’t come with any unpleasant side effects.

While Magic Sleek may not offer the same results as Brazilian or Japanese hair straightening, it is a healthy alternative that uses no harmful chemicals or formaldehyde. The results are instant, sleek and lasting, and can last up to six months. It is even a great alternative to Japanese, Brazilian and Keratin hair treatments. It’s 100% formaldehyde-free, and you can choose how much straightening you want, from slight waves to completely straight. It can also be customized to get rid of frizz or re-define curls.

The Magic Sleek Hair Treatment – Pros and Cons

The Magic Sleek is a hair treatment performed by Ty Hollbrook, a celebrity stylist at Serge Normant at John Frieda. The treatment is performed on clients like James Franco, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jane Krakowski, and many others. Many of these clients have extremely processed hair, and Ty Hollbrook restores their virgin tresses. But how effective is the treatment? Is it worth the price? Here are the pros and cons of this hair treatment.


The pros of Magic Sleek outweigh the cons in a clear-cut manner. This hair treatment will straighten your hair for several months, leaving it smooth, shiny, and manageable. It will take several hours to perform, but you’ll be free from any frizz and tangles for that long. If you’re tired of spending hours in your hairdresser’s chair, try this product. It won’t damage your hair, and it’s free of harsh chemicals. It’s also completely customizable.

Magic Sleek products are not tested on animals. This product is completely safe for all types of hair, from sensitive to coarse. It can also be used on skin without worrying about the safety of the product. Magic Sleek is a multi-functional beauty tool, and it works wonders on both dry and curly hair. It’s also effective on any type of hair, from thin to thick. If you’ve been struggling with hair thinning and breakage, consider this treatment.

The main active ingredient in Magic Sleek is a compound known as tannin. This ingredient is commonly used in tanneries for making leather waterproof, flexible, and unbreakable. Researchers from the company’s lab synthesized tannin elements and applied them to cosmetics. Another component is Argan oil extract, which adds moisture to the hair. However, it’s unclear how the product works on all types of hair.


The cost of a Magic Sleek hair treatment can vary greatly, from as little as $100 to over $500. The full treatment includes a relaxing shampoo and a finisher. However, it’s worth noting that if you’re concerned about side effects or want a completely customized hair treatment, you can opt for a cheaper option. However, you should be aware that the results are not guaranteed to be immediate. You should check reviews of different brands and products before you buy.

The product is safe for all hair types, including bleached, ethnic, and virgin hair. Because the treatment is formulated to be flexible, it can be used on various hair types. The treatment also features three distinct steps that can offer a range of results. It can remove frizz and restyle curls without using harsh chemicals. The treatment is ideal for those who have dry, damaged, or thick hair, and can be applied on any hair type.

This treatment will last up to six months and does not wash out. It also straightens hair without the use of heat or brushing. The ingredients in the formula, which includes Argon oil and Amino acid, hydrate your scalp and cuticles while protecting the color and adding softness to your hair. It is so popular that Ty Holbrook, a celebrity stylist, has recommended it. And because it is eco-friendly, it won’t harm the environment. So, whether you’re on a tight budget or just want a fast-fix solution, Magic Sleek is the way to go.

Shelf life

The Magic Sleek Hair Treatment works on all types of hair and has no side effects, including dry and curly hair. Because it contains no harsh chemicals, it is safe to use on any surface. However, it may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin or hair that has recently undergone chemical treatments. It is always best to read customer reviews before buying any product. If you are unsure of its effectiveness, you can ask the stylist for a sample of the treatment before buying it.

The process takes approximately two hours. After using the product, you should shampoo your hair three times, remove buildup, and condition it. Then, apply the Magic Sleek treatment, comb it through, and leave it on for up to 45 minutes. The amount of time used will determine the amount of wave you achieve. A shorter application time will remove frizz and add shine, while a longer application will create a straighter look. Magic Sleek can be used on all types of hair, including color-treated hair, and lasts up to four months.

There is no shelf life of Magic Sleek, but proper care will help it last for a longer period of time. You can expect it to work for three to four months with the proper maintenance. The treatment is effective in straightening curly hair in less than 15 minutes, and it is also eco-friendly. The product has numerous scents to choose from. There are a few downsides, however. As with all hair treatments, excessive shampooing and repeated exposure to chlorine can shorten the product’s shelf life.

While this product works best on thick, curly hair, it is also gentle enough for color-treated hair and contains essential oils that help prolong the life of the treatment. Magic Sleek was created with tropical fruit extracts from the Amazon rainforest. These ingredients are rich in Vitamin E and Omega-3 and omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids, which provide nourishment to your hair. Magic Sleek has undergone rigorous safety testing to ensure that it contains no harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde.

If you are looking for a more gentle alternative to the traditional Magic Sleek, you can try the Magic Sleek Express. This product contains the same ingredients as the Traditional Magic Sleek, but it is gentler and designed for clients who only require a three to four-month straightening treatment. The Treatment lasts around four to six months, depending on hair growth and the frequency of use. Depending on how often you use the treatment, it can last for four to six months.

Magic Sleek Hair Treatment Review

Have you considered getting the Magic Sleek hair treatment? You might be surprised by what you find out! In this article, you’ll learn about the ingredients, benefits, price, and aftercare. We’ve also included a product review to help you make a better decision. Read on to find out more! Until then, enjoy reading about these five products and their pros and cons. You’ll be glad you did.


This one-dose repair hair treatment is the perfect solution for dry, brittle, devitalized, or lifeless tresses. It can repair your hair and restore it to its youthful state, no matter what its condition is. It is a great choice for people who have suffered from over-processing or simply have damaged locks. It is also effective for people with sensitive skin, and its non-toxic formula can be used on hair without harming it.

Magic sleek is an all-natural product that contains no harsh chemicals or heat. It is safe for use on virgin, bleached, and ethnic hair. The treatment can be customized for different hair types, and results are guaranteed. It can also help you retain your hair color and add softness. The benefits of this treatment are so great that Hollywood celebrities have been seen sporting it. But don’t let the hype fool you: this product has no side effects and is a healthier alternative to traditional straightening treatments.


Magic Sleek is a hair treatment for straightening, smoothing, and regrowing that is 100 percent formaldehyde free. This product is safe for all hair types and is completely customizable to the needs of your hair. You can choose the exact amount of product you want to apply to your hair, and how long you would like it to sit in your hair. Once you decide on the amount of time you want to leave it on, you can begin the process.

The ingredients of Magic Sleek have been thoroughly tested to ensure the safety and quality of the product. The product is 100% formaldehyde-free and contains no harsh chemicals. The treatment does not contain formaldehyde and is safe for women of all ages. It is suitable for both virgin and bleached hair. While most straightening products contain harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, Magic Sleek is 100 percent free of these ingredients.


The Magic Sleek Hair Treatment is an excellent solution for those with dry, frizzy, or curly hair. Its benefits include preventing frizz and improving moisture retention. It is suitable for most hair types, and may not be effective on highly curly hair. If you’re concerned about harsh chemicals, this product may not be for you, but there are no known side effects. Read consumer reviews carefully before purchasing this product to avoid disappointing yourself.

The Magic Sleek hair treatment is a popular choice for those who want their hair straightened quickly, without using harsh chemicals. The products are available in small bottles and are eco-friendly. Moreover, the treatment does not wash out, so you can use them up to six months without worry. The product contains argon oil and amino acid to hydrate your scalp and cuticles. It also helps preserve hair color and adds softness. Celebrity users of Magic Sleek include celebrities like Ty Holbrook, Kim Kardashian, and Angelina Jolie.


You’ll spend up to two hours undergoing the Magic Sleek hair treatment. After shampooing your hair, you should apply the finisher product to your hair. The treatment is effective for up to six months, and clients can blow dry their hair and add extra volume. It’s also safe for color-treated and bleached hair. Magic Sleek can be used on any hair type. After the treatment, it’s recommended that you use a proprietary shampoo and conditioner.

It’s essential to follow the aftercare instructions carefully, because you don’t want your hair to become too damaged. This conditioner is gentle enough for color-treated hair and contains essential oils that help prolong the life of your straightening treatment. Magic Sleek is a hair treatment developed from tropical fruit extracts from the Amazon rainforest. The components of this conditioner are rich in vitamin E and Omega-3 and Omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids, which provide your hair with nutrients. Plus, the formula is safe for use on all hair types and is formaldehyde-free.

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