Prison School Season 2 – What’s New?

Whether you’re new to the show or just want to know what’s new, read on to discover more about Prison School season 2!

Is Prison School Canceled?

Despite the fact that the first season of Prison School received great reviews, the second season has not been officially announced yet. However, it may be a matter of time before fans get a glimpse of the next installment.

Prison School is an anime series that has been popular with both male and female fans. It is set at a private school in Tokyo that focuses on academics and discipline. The series is based on the popular manga series by Akira Hiramoto.

It follows five boys enrolled at Prison School. They are Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito Morokuzu, Reiji Andou, Jouji Nezu, and Shingo Wakamoto. They each have an intriguing storyline and a hulking problem. The main protagonist Kiyoshi decides to go on a mission to escape from the school, but his plans are foiled by a trio of evil female students. The plot gets more complicated with a new set of supervisors – namely, Kate, Risa, and Mitsuko – who are capable of making the boys do what they want.

The second season will also introduce a few new characters. For starters, Prison School has now started accepting male students, a welcome change from its all-girls past.

Does Hana like Kiyoshi?

Amongst fans of the Prison School anime, there is a good chunk that ships Kiyoshi and Hana. Fans have hoped that Hana would have a positive role in the second half of the anime, especially after Kiyoshi and Chiyo developed a friendship.

Some fans also believe that Hana and Kiyoshi’s relationship are abusive. Fans claim that Hana repeatedly ignores Kiyoshi’s feelings throughout the show, including Kiyoshi’s attempt to break up Chiyo and Hana’s confession of feelings for Kiyoshi.

In the end of the season, it seems as if their relationship has become more real. Anzu Yokoyama and Shingo Wakamoto’s relationship feel as if it is genuine.

It seems that Kiyoshi has found a new sense of purpose. He is willing to sacrifice his first kiss for his friends’ freedom.

He has become an informant for USC. He receives above average prison food and free time outside of school. His relationship with Chiyo is not very deep.

During the last story arc, Hana is the antagonist of the story. Her role is played out in the last few episodes of the series. Kiyoshi develops feelings for Chiyo, but Hana continues to punish Kiyoshi.

Who did Kiyoshi end up with?

During Prison School season 2, Kiyoshi becomes the target of the villain Hana. Hana is a student council secretary who often uses her karate skills to punish boys. She also acts as a spy for Mari for the Above Ground Student council.

As she is not a good student, Hana gets into some unfortunate situations. In one such incident, she tried to force Kiyoshi to kiss her. She thought this would ruin his first kiss. In fact, she was right.

In the end, Kiyoshi figured out the right way to save his friends. He starts to see a purpose in his life. Ultimately, Kiyoshi sacrifices his first kiss for his friends’ freedom.

He ends up meeting Chiyo, who is the purest of the five boys. Chiyo is also an expert martial artist. But Kiyoshi feels that he is not ready to be with Chiyo.

He starts to develop feelings for Chiyo. They begin to spend time together. But it does not last. Kiyoshi ends up being sent back to prison. He is the only boy to go back to prison.

Does Chiyo like Kiyoshi?

Whether Kiyoshi likes Chiyo is another question. They share a mutual love for books. The two also have a friendship. However, it is not an intensely developed relationship. Kiyoshi tends to jump to the wrong conclusions when dealing with Chiyo.

In Prison School, Kiyoshi has a lot of time to think. He has a crush on his classmate Kurihara Chiyo. He also has a solid friendship with other boys in the Shadow Student Council. His plans for breaking out of prison work when he is at the end of his rope.

Kiyoshi was sent to prison twice. However, he was never abused, tortured, or beaten. In fact, he is the only boy to be sent to prison twice.

The main reason for his second trip to prison was his failure to stop Chiyo from breaking into the student council office. He also threw a friend off the roof. He also had a lot of baffling ideas. However, the one that I would like to talk about is the one he came up with at the end.

What happens to Kiyoshi?

During season 2 of Prison School, Kiyoshi Fujino gets into lots of embarrassing situations. He gets to know Chiyo. He also reveals his perverted side.

Kiyoshi is the only boy to go to prison more than once. Kiyoshi is also the main narrator of the manga. He is a quick-witted individual, but he isn’t very bright. He also has a lot of mishaps throughout his journey.

Kiyoshi’s dad was a perverted man. He was dismissive of his daughters. He had an unrequited love for Kiyoshi. But Kiyoshi doesn’t let his desires get in the way of his actions. He eventually develops feelings for Chiyo.

Chiyo’s sister is Mari Kurihara, the 40th USC president. She is also the daughter of the school’s chairman. But she despises men. The boys started passing on materials for her prison-break plan. But it was a failed attempt.

Mari eventually frees the boys from prison. But she is soon reprimanded by the Official Student Council. They try to enlist the help of Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi tries to break out, but Shingo disowns him. He has a weak physique, and he looks like a delinquent.

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Who is Chiyo husband?

During the first season of Prison School, Chiyo Fujiwara was the youngest child of a bickering couple. She was left alone with her father for 15 years while her mother looked on. Chiyo’s father was an abusive drunk and perverted man. During that time, Chiyo was abused by her father and she had six abortions. She eventually got a job at a printing company when she was 25. Chiyo’s mother looked on and did little to help her daughter.

When she got older, Chiyo began dating a coworker. Chiyo lied to her father about her hours at work. Takeo eventually threatened to hurt Chiyo if she didn’t stop her dating the coworker. Takeo eventually found Chiyo changing clothes at her neighbor’s house. He continued to violate her.

Kiyoshi Fujino is another Class 1A student. He is a fast-witted, resourceful guy. He is a fan of Boys’ Love. He first met Chiyo after class. He helped Chiyo clear up rumors with Mari.

Kiyoshi also revealed his perverted past. He confessed to Chiyo that he was sexually involved with Kakeru and Haiti. He also warned Chiyo that he would kill her if she tried to escape. During that time, Chiyo began to get jealous of Kiyoshi.

In which episode Lady Chiyo dies?

During Prison School Season 2’s first story arc, the most successful antagonist was Meiko. Her aim was to break up Kiyoshi and Chiyo, but her goals were more personal than the other boys’.

Meiko is a strong student who excels in Judo and calisthenics. She is also the vice president of the Underground Student Council. She is also good at cooking. She is a little timid when she first comes out of her shell, but once she realizes her talents she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

She also has a crush on Kiyoshi, but she is shy. She wants to ruin his life. She uses the same trick that Mari did to distract Kiyoshi from her presence.

Kiyoshi’s plan to break out of prison was aided by Anzu Yokoyama. Anzu had an ulterior motive at first, but she had to tell the truth to Shingo Wakamoto. After all, she sacrificed herself for Chiyo. The two of them felt genuine towards the end of the season.

Mari Kurihara is the daughter of the chairman of the Hachimitsu Private Academy. She doesn’t believe her father’s decision to open the academy to males. She is also a member of the USC, a group of prisoners. She is responsible for the punishment of the boys in prison.

Kiyoshi Fujino

During the first season of Prison School, Kiyoshi Fujino is the main character. He is one of five boys who enrolled at Hachimitsu Academy. He has dark blue hair and black eyes. He is also very resourceful. He is a tall and handsome young man.

The second season of Prison School will continue to explore Kiyoshi’s experiences at the institute. This time, it will reveal the dark secrets of the Shadow Student Council. He will also face a competition with other students of the institute.

There is another secret student association headed by Hana Midorikawa. She is President Mari’s sister. She is also the vice president of the USC. This student association manipulates the school to expel boys.

The Underground Student Council captures five boys and puts them in prison. Their punishment is to stay in the prison for a month. After that, they are freed. However, it takes a while for these five boys to adjust to their new surroundings. They start committing breakouts.

Eventually, Hana and Kiyoshi become friends. They wore each other’s underwear. Kiyo also helped Hana with her cross-dressing plan. He was also responsible for revealing perverted acts with Hana.

Kiyoshi was also the first to kiss a girl. However, he was unaware of his true feelings. In fact, he took the side of the USC during the Sports Festival. He also planned to enter the female-only bathing area. However, his plans were foiled by Hana.

Kiyoshi is also the only character who knows his age. He was only 18 years old when the series began. In Prison School Season 2 he is expected to be played by Kenici Suzumaru.


Among the supporting characters of Prison School season 2 is Hana Midorikawa. She is a third-year student at Hachimitsu Academy and a member of the Underground Student Council.

She is a martial arts expert and often uses her skills to punish boys. However, she is not one of the smartest characters in the show. She is also a bit of a diva. Her actions often result in bad situations.

Her obsession with Kiyoshi is also on display. Her plan to win Kiyo over is not as successful as she had hoped. She also tries to confess her feelings to him.

She also uses her skills to get others out of trouble. In one case, she goes on a paid date with Kiyo. She tries to get him to kiss her. He refuses, and when she forces him to do so, she urinates on him.

Her other notable accomplishment is passing a letter to Kiyo on behalf of Chiyo. The letter contains a special code that will allow her to use the video to blackmail Kate. But it turns out that Kate is not the only one using the video.

Hana is also involved in the DTO. She has devised a plan to get boys out of school. She also has plans to drive a wedge between Kiyoshi and other boys.

She also acts as a spy for Mari, the school’s Chairman. She has devised a plan that allows her to record boys and girls in compromising situations. She also tells them that they will have three hours of free time during the weekends.

The Prison School anime follows the plot of the manga. It is a hysterical storyline that is entertaining to almost anyone. It has sold over 4500 copies of each volume and is still going strong today.


Anime Prison School Season 2 introduces us to Chiyo Kurihara. She is a student at Hachimitsu Academy. She usually wears a standard female school uniform. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Chiyo is the younger sister of Mari Kurihara. She is a friend of Kiyoshi.

She has a very close relationship with Kiyoshi. She cares about him and knows what he is going through. However, she is also jealous of him. They have a platonic relationship. Chiyo also has a healthy interest in Kiyoshi.

At the start of the series, she was only a minor character. Meiko was the only successful antagonist. She tried to ruin Kiyoshi’s life by breaking him up with Chiyo. Meiko’s goal was more personal than that of the other characters. But when Chiyo found out about the plan, she wanted to know if it was true.

Chiyo is also the first to arrive at the BBQ event. She wears a pink hooded sweater with a half-length dress. She also wears heavy makeup. She also eavesdrops on the announcement of Mari’s DTO.

Chiyo is also involved in the All-Student-Council Cavalry Battle. She takes the USC side. She also shows a small smile after taking Mari’s place as president. She also helps in warning the boys of the impending expulsion.

Chiyo is not afraid of boys. However, she is jealous of Kiyoshi. She also shows maturity towards Mari. When Chiyo finds out that her sister left school to participate in an exchange program, she is surprised. Chiyo assumes it is part of Mari’s birthday.

She also helps Kiyoshi in preventing his expulsion. The USC has a secret student association headed by President Mari.


Despite the popularity of the manga and anime, there has yet to be an official announcement of the cancellation of the Prison School. The show is still expected to return around the fall of 2022. However, fans should expect a new tale structure and Japanese cast.

The live-action series is based on the manga by Akira Hiramoto. The show was released in Japan and Germany and has received high praise from the fans. The show has received attention from some of the most talented artists in the business. It is a very well-written anime series. The story of Prison School follows a series of events that happen at the Hachimitsu Private Academy. It is a series about aloof boys and their struggle to fit in. The show has a very funny and risque dialogue.

Joe was a secondary protagonist of Prison School. He is a sullen and aloof boy. He has a love for ants. He also has a love interest named Satou. He has a weak constitution and wears glasses.

After being released from prison, Joe begins to lose his status in school. He starts to feel detached from his friends. Despite this, he keeps an open mind and accepts his friends. He is a good friend of Gakuto. But he is not so accepting of Kiyoshi. He does not want to get in any trouble with Kiyoshi.

Eventually, Joe and Shingo begin to hang out together. They often discuss their relationship with each other. They also participate in a cavalry team game. But the team fails to win the game. The team is taken out of the game.

Joe’s stomatitis affects his speech. He also has insomnia. He begins to get depressed. But he consoles himself by reading Mitsuko’s doujinshi. He also starts to realize the possibility of forming real feelings. He begins to support the Underground Student Council. He also helps to save the school from being hit by a helicopter.


Throughout the series, Kate displays her cunning and intelligence. She was a bully during middle school and she uses her knowledge of combat to intimidate Meiko Shiraki. Her relationship with Mari Kurihara is not as close as it appears. Her hate towards Mari turns into a sexual obsession.

Kate and Mari Kurihara are the main antagonists in Prison School season 2. Mari is the nemesis of Kate, and Kate is also the main antagonist of the third story arc. Kate is also the president of the Aboveground Student Council.

Kate was Mari’s middle school rival. Kate and Mari have a close relationship. Kate was known for her libido and combat abilities, but Mari was more confident. In middle school, Kate had a strong inferiority complex. She was also known to bully Meiko Shiraki, but Meiko managed to get past Kate. Kate had an ulterior motive for her actions. Kate’s hatred of Mari stems from childhood jealousy.

Kate is motivated by revenge and hate. She also has an Alpha Bitch tendency. Her hair is tied with drill curls. Kate also wears a standard female school uniform without stockings. She has green eyes and thin eyebrows. Her name means “pure, clear” in Latin. Kate is also known for her perversions. Kate has been known to persuade schoolgirls to stand down from their duties in order to get a better position.

Kate’s ruthlessness makes Kiyoshi go through a mini-crisis of conscience. Kate’s actions also put Kiyoshi into danger. Kate is determined to get her first kiss from the boy she likes. Kate has proved herself to be a dangerous enemy to anyone who crosses her.

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