Travel Lite RV Features And Buying Guide

Travel Lite RV Features And Buying Guide

Travel Light RV is a travel trailer manufacturer company. It is an innovative and one of the best companies out there. The company started as a truck camper manufacturer but soon found its way into the travel trailer market.

The company makes lite RVs that are innovative and very easy to travel with. Their construction is very creative and revolves around the idea of making trailers lighter. They are very successful in their beliefs and are making progress every day.

History of Travel Lite RV:

Larry P. Johns is the founder of the company. It was a truck camper manufacturing company from 1998, but later in 2011, it became a lightweight RV manufacturing company. Its innovative ideas and creative trailers made it ha huge deal throughout the globe.

The company has a humble beginning, but it is ruling the world of lightweight trailers. It has a surprise for customers that will see the light of the day soon. The new model will be a revolution in the world of trailers.

Travel Lite RV believes in revolution but doesn’t compromise on style. The company believes in trailers that suits your vehicle. They believe in travel trailers that can go to places beyond the reach of any other camper. They believe in the motto of travel in style.


Why Travel Lite RVs:

The light travel trailers are a name of innovation and ingenuity. Their artists and engineers work hard to make your life easy and comfortable. They make trailers for all lifestyles and all vehicles.

The company produces lightweight trailers. They are light, and you can tow them with any car. They are mostly made out of aluminum. The aluminum is then key to the lightweight of the trailers and provides long life to them.

Their trailers are small in size but are built strong. Their design is aerodynamic, so they don’t put a drag on your car. Most trailers are two-wheelers and have almost everything you need.


Features of Travel Lite trailers:

These lightweights, small trailers have lots of features. The RVs have a very comfortable bed. They also support a shower facility and a foot flush toilet, to begin with. They have 20 000 BTU furnaces and high-class vents. You get a very nice kitchen with two burners, a stainless-steel basin, a solid kitchen table, and a 20-pound gas tank.

The gas tank is mounted outside to prevent any misfortunes. You also get a 30-gallon water tank and an on-demand water heater. Led running light and solar prep is also available in these lightweight trailers.

These are many things, and you get all of them in a small comfortable, portable house. You can take all these facilities anywhere with you, and the best thing is. It would be best if you got your hands on one of these trailers. They are for a very low price.

Travel Lite RV Features And Buying Guide

Buying Guide:

Purchase of a trailer is not an easy task and especially when you have so many great options. Travel Lite RV has so many great options to chose from, and we will help you get the best RV home:



Budget is the first thing to think about while buying a product. Purchase solely based on your budget. If you have an exact budget in mind, you can start shopping. Figure out how much money you want to spend on a trailer and filter out all the campers.


Make sure the trailers you select are all built strong. Look for the trailer that is built strong; aerodynamics also matters. Choose the trailers that can withstand harsh weather and remove others from the list.


Now you have a small list of trailers, making it easy for you to choose among them. Please create a list of your requirement and match it with the features of trailers. All those trailers that don’t fit with your list of requirements, remove them. Now you will have a few products to select from.


Warranty is very important, remember it while shopping out for products. The guarantee ensures the period of a product’s life. The travel trailer is a big investment, so look for the warranty of your remaining travel RVs. Select ones with the best warranty offer because they will save you maintenance costs in the future.


Revies provide a lot of information about products. Look at the reviews of all the RVs on your list. This method will offer you a good chunk of information about the products:


Like Travel Lite says, looks matter. They don’t compromise on the looks of their products, but sometimes one likes something more. Take the RV, whose esthetics attract you more and give nice appeal.

How to buy it:

The market is full of frauds, so buy products only from a trusted dealer. You can buy a Travel Lite RV online and physically meet a dealer and get your mobile home. Following are the mediums through which you can purchase and Travel Lite RV:


Amazon is the world’s biggest market. It has everything listed on it, and all products available there are genuine. So, you can buy a Travel Lite lightweight trailer there. Please search for the RV you are looking for and buy it on amazon from your bed.

Official Site:

You can also buy these trailers from The mentioned is their official site, and you can look up a dealer near you. All you need to do is add your location to the site and search for a dealer within your desired radius.

These are their trusted dealer so that you can purchase products from these dealers safely. This way, you can also inspect the trailer physically before taking them home.


We brought you a detailed review of Travel Lite RV. They make the best lightweight RVs in the world, and the company produces innovative and classy products. If you are looking for a light, small travel trailer, you should get one of these.

They have several cool products that are very cheap. They are also launching some new products soon. We will provide details about them soon as we get any information about them. Keep following us to get updates.

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