Helltaker Characters, Who is the main character in Helltaker?

Who are the Helltaker characters? There are so many different characters, but this article will focus on The Helltaker Characters. Here’s a look at their personalities and the plot lines each. If you’re a gamer, you’ll also want to check out the game’s other popular characters, such as Asmodeus and Justice. This article will help you decide which characters to play, and which you should skip.

The Helltaker Characters

There are several interesting characters in The Helltaker Characters series. As a demon, they can cause harm to mortals. Their most notable appearance is the “Bad Eye”, a symbol of their vengeance. However, the good eye is not so easily masked. To get a closer look at the evil eye, it is necessary to know more about the Helltaker Characters’ background.

The game’s main character is called the “Helltaker Characters,” and he is the protagonist. He is buff, likes to play strategy games, and enjoys chocolate pancakes. The Helltaker Character also wears a red shirt and white suit jacket with a red flower on the label. His kitchen consists of a black apron, and he often wakes up dreaming of demon girls.


If you’ve watched the Helltaker Characters movies, you may have wondered who the character of Justice is. Justice is a demon and former High Prosecutor of Hell. He is a laid-back demon who never kills The Helltaker Characters in any of the endings. He has minimal dialogue, but is described as a jokester who tells Judgement to “keep going,” and “you’re on a roll.” He also plays a few witty jokes about the Helltaker Characters, such as telling Judgement to “bet on it,” and that he has laser vision.

He wears a black suit jacket and ties with silver clips. He wears red fingerless gloves, which Lucifer gave him. His gloves have metal tags on their wrists that read HPJ, presumably for High Prosecutor Justice. He wears black pants, a belt, and boots. His hair is dark and unkempt. His armor is mostly black. The series’ length and appearance differ from one Helltaker Characters game to another.


Asmodeus is a character from the book The Darkness, a fictional novel set in Hell. Asmodeus has a long and complicated history, and he is a powerful demon who resides in Hell. In the first book of the series, Asmodeus is a powerful demon who possesses the power to manipulate others. He is often the most dangerous demon, and he can destroy the world with a single word. Asmodeus was also the most powerful Helltaker Character, and he is said to possess the power to make the angels and humans suffer for eternity.

Asmodeus is the king of demons and the seventh prince of Hell. His name is derived from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit. He is said to represent the sin of lust and is known to be an infamously smooth talker. His followers are the shed. He has no known place in the Hebrew Bible, but he is mentioned in a Talmudic legend.

Asmodeus is a high-ranking demon, and his robes were black and decorated with scale patterns. His serpentine style also contributed to rumors about him. Some believed that he was the serpent that guarded the Garden of Eden, and he orchestrated man’s fall. Neither the Marquis of Shadows confirmed or denied these rumors, but there is an underlying truth to the tale. Despite his lack of knowledge, it is believed that God, Lucifer, and Beelzebub were aware of Asmodeus’s true nature.

Asmodeus was a demon that led Hell after the death of Crowley. He also resides in the Needham Asylum. Asmodeus becomes the king of Hell after he takes over the asylum. He then turns on Lucifer, imprisoning the weakened angel. Loki had captured Gabriel seven years before Asmodeus’s death. During this period, Asmodeus tortured Gabriel and Asmodeus possessed him, but neither could defeat him.


One of the Helltaker Characters’ major enemies, Pandemonica, plays a minor role in the story. Although she initially seems like an archaic, grumpy demon, Pandemonica is surprisingly professional in her role. While battling the Helltaker Characters, she often advises him to stay away from spikes. While she is also busy in the Helltaker Characters’ harem, Pandemonica still finds time to help the other demons. She even apologizes to Modeus for his rudeness and attempts to stop his suicide plan.

Pandemonica’s name is derived from the Pandaemonium in the bible, a classic epic poem by John Milton. She is the first person the Helltaker character encounters while he travels there. Pandemonia is Vanripper’s creation, but he modeled her personality after the character from the bible. She wears a black blazer, a red button-up shirt, and a black pencil skirt. She also carries a red clipboard and ID on her lanyard.

Pandemonica first appears in the first stage of the Hellblade video game. She is the customer service representative for Hell. Pandemonica asks the Helltaker Characters for assistance, but he merely snaps her neck. She is delusional and considers the Helltaker Characters to be “delusional” as she threatens to break the Helltaker Characters’ fingers if he brews his coffee the wrong way.

Characters in the Helltaker Characters series are interesting and compelling. The characters are well-rounded, with believable personalities and well-rounded demeanors. And the death scenes of these demons are hilarious. All in all, the game is a well-crafted experience. And it’s available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For those who don’t wish to buy a game for the Mac or Linux PC, Helltaker Characters is available on both platforms.


Strada is a female demon in the Helltaker Characters series. She is one of the five demons in the series. She is stylized as “The Bitch Demon” and is the sister of Malina. Like Malina, Zdrada is rebellious, badass, and a big smoker. She is the main antagonist of the fifth stage of Helltaker Characters.

She joins the party once the player picks the first option. When she tries to kill herself, she giggles and cries. Zdrada’s name, “Betrayal”, is a direct translation from Polish, and is also a reference to her Slavic roots. The character wears a cross necklace. While it may seem a little creepy, the name is a cute touch.

Zdrada is a sadomasochistic smoker. She dislikes solving puzzles and nerdy things. She also hates playing video games with Malina. Strada is also shown to be sadomasochistic, finding pleasure in watching others suffer and flinching when they are hurt. She has no concern for what she says. Zdrada’s scar on her skin is a reminder of her self-inflicted sadomasochism.

Another character that appears in the game is the High Prosecutor of Hell. She is a girl, but she ignores Lucifer’s orders to spare The Helltaker Characters. She is the most pleasant of all the demons in the game, though she acts in a sadistic manner to fit her role. Zdrada’s naivety also makes her a great addition to the game.

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