List Of 6 Best Enemy Novels To Read


We know the stories that will ignite our emotions, whether or not there is a war between the fated and the destined, or witches who fall in love with huntsmen, or blackmail schemes with unfulfilled promise. We are always ready to dive in when an author blends revenge with a doomed love. We’ve chosen some of our favorite romantic and revenge books!


Circle Zero’s Otherworldly Hero

List Of 6 Best Enemy Novels To Read

Circle zero’s otherworldly hero business identifies a modern-day CEO as a selfish, successful, and proud man. During a mythical fantasy world, a young girl named April Hall Magruder is born from his dead body and reborn into his body. His success, wealth, and achievements now appear to have vanished as soon as he wakes up, replaced by Paril. Due to this, the narrator starts over in this parallel universe and reaches the “cloud summit.” It’s not a bad story, especially circle zero’s otherworldly hero business 28 episodes are fabulous. The highly wealthy guy gets to experience what it is to be something he would consider “lowly” as he is reborn as a pathetic weakling. You can search for “circle zero’s otherworldly hero business manga” at manga circle zero.


Some Other Enemy Novels

Here is a list of some other enemy novels.


Felix Ever After

List Of 6 Best Enemy Novels To Read

Felix Ever After is another enemy novel. There’s an irony in this for Felix Love because he’s never been in love. In his quest for understanding how it is for everyone, but not him, to find someone, he has a powerful desire to know what it’s like or not. Furthermore, even though Felix is proud of his racial identity, he secretly fears that he’ll never be satisfied unless he can address the three marginalizations of his race, gender, and sexuality. He receives transphobic messages after publicly posting a letter from an anonymous student. Felix comes up with a revenge plan after seeing pictures of himself before he transitioned. In a quasi-love triangle, Felix is unprepared for: his catfishing situation leads to tragedy. He starts a journey of self-discovery as he tries to sort out his complex feelings, assisting him with redefining what is most important to him: how he views himself.


Unexpected Enemy: Ultimate Revenge

List Of 6 Best Enemy Novels To Read

Ann Sorenson becomes a mother following years of heartbreaking infertility. Conception is a joyful experience. She then gives birth to a premature baby some weeks early. Everyone knows this child cannot be hers, causing joy to turn into a confrontation. Their son is African-American, as is her husband. If she didn’t get the wrong sperm, how could this happen? In addition to being infected with the AIDS virus, Ann’s baby is also suffering from an infection, which is life-ending for anyone, particularly for a premature infant. Despite all her hopes and dreams, she became a victim of a mysterious stranger whose behavior posed a danger to her whole life. Did this innocent mistake happen by accident, or was it deliberate? Genes or environment? Could it be a secret relationship? Character, betrayal, and retribution are prominent in this tale. As a result, destiny triumphs. The wicked deserve revenge. The betrayed are at peace. We should forgive those who have earned it. For more novels, please visit manga circle zero.


Girls Of Storm And Shadow


List Of 6 Best Enemy Novels To Read

Now named the Moon Chosen, Lei is the naive country girl who entered the court of the Royal court. No one else could have done what he did. Commoners who made impossible feats possible. The execution of the plan is just beginning after slaying the cruel Demon King. Wren and Lei are now exploring several nations in hopes of gaining assistance from rebel clans in remote parts. Insidious doubts also threaten to tear Lei and Wren apart on their journey, making the travel even more treacherous. In the meantime, a wicked plot fueled by vengeance and dark magic is forming to eradicate the rebellion. Can Lei overthrow the monarchy and protect Wren from the sinister magic seeking to destroy her, or will she become the victim of the spell aimed at her destruction?


Angel Mage


List Of 6 Best Enemy Novels To Read

Liliath fled the Fall of Ystara more than a century ago after sneaking into Saint Marguerite’s sarcophagus. Nevertheless, during the sleep of the magic, she awakens with the appearance of a young woman, just nineteen years of age, once more declares her earnest, ardent desire to marry the man she loves, Palleniel, the archangel of Ystara. Liliath summons angels to do her bidding, forcing them to do so despite her seemingly impossible quest.

A studious doctor-in-training named Simeon is among those who capture her interest. Dorotea, an icon-maker and student of divine magic, was dovetailed with Henri, dedicated to fortune-hunting, Agnez, a musketeer seeking glory. As soon as they meet, it is apparent they are kin, but they do not realize how important they are. Liliath intends to trample them as just pawns for her plans, regardless of who else pays a high price for doing so. None of them know precisely what she plans to do to them.


The Count of Monte Cristo

List Of 6 Best Enemy Novels To Read

The new series, “Revenge,” borrows heavily from Alexandre Dumas’ “The Count of Monte Cristo.” but really just satirizes the rich. Pharaon arrived in Marseille in 1815 to begin the novel. In his conversation with Lieutenant Dantès, Edmond Dantès, Monsieur Morrel learns that Captain Morrell died during the voyage. The young man has taken over for the fallen captain. Aarhus’s accountant, Danglars, objected to the Pharaoh’s stop at Elba, but Dantès explained that Napoleon’s marshal was in exile with Napoleon on the island, and the package had been left by the captain for him. The captain of the ship has been appointed by Morrel, causing Danglars to be upset. Gaspard Caderousse had taken his father’s funds and paid installment payments to his neighbor Dantès.

Mercédès is found with Fernand Mondego, Fernès’ beloved, by Dantés while he is looking for his fiancée. A false accusation of treason is made against Dantès after Mondego meets Danglars and Caderousse. Daniels, who has Napoleon’s letter, is in Paris to deliver the letter. Daniels, an attorney, tells the prosecutor that Dantès, the person with Napoleon’s letter, is in Paris to provide the letter. For more revenge novels, please visit circle zero’s otherworldly hero business 28.

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