Who is DK Metcalf Girlfriend in 2022?

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One of the most talked-about new members of the Ole Miss Football team is a freshman wide receiver named DK Metcalf, who has already been named to several Freshman All-America teams. He is an exciting, explosive player who is turning heads on the field with his incredible athleticism and big-play ability.

Decisions made during the 2020s will shape how this decade is remembered. Will we be able to meet the challenges that come with the future of technology, climate change, and global inequality? Or will these pressures cause our society to unravel? To find who is DK Metcalf’s girlfriend read the article.

Who is DK Metcalf? 

DK Metcalf is one of the best wide receivers in the game and is the most recent addition to a rich legacy of football players from Ole Miss. When he was committed to LSU, there was a huge uproar from fans in Oxford. They didn’t want to lose their best player in the class of 2015, so they made sure he stayed on campus. He gave a verbal commitment, but he was also receiving interest from Alabama and other schools.

He’s one of the best football players in the country and he’s projected to be an early First Round pick in the upcoming 202 NFL Draft. He’s D.K Metcalf, and his girlfriend is one of the most popular girls in school. 

He was my boyfriend for a little while, but I recently decided to break it off with him. Even though I decided that our relationship wasn’t going anywhere, I thought he was a great guy. I still love him, we just didn’t have what it took to make the relationship last.

7 Ways Cirena Wilson Influences DK Metcalf

For a long time, DK Metcalf and Cirena Wilson have been sending the internet into a frenzy. The pair have gone through breakups and makeups, drama and so much more. Keep reading to find out how Cirena Wilson influences her famous boyfriend.DK Metcalf’s girlfriend is Cirena Wilson in 2021.

Who is DK Metcalf Girlfriend in 2022?

 Cirena Wilson and DK Metcalf: What’s Their Relationship?

 DK Metcalf is now in a relationship with Cirena Wilson (born in 1993). It appears that the two are living happy life together. However, there is no further information about their relationship.

Coach Nick Saban surprised everyone at the start of the season when he revealed that four-star wide receiver commits, D.K. Metcalf would be playing for Arkansas State this season instead of Alabama as previously thought. The rising sophomore was never mentioned in rumors of players transferring to other schools, and even his high school coach admitted that no one had any idea that this move was coming.


Is Cirena Wilson dating DK Metcalf?

According to Cirena Wilson’s wiki, she is from the small town of Macon, North Carolina. She attended East Forsyth High School and graduated in 2014.

DK Metcalf girlfriend has a dog named Lily and is a proud supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles.


She’s not without her flaws, though. According to a Reddit thread, she was arrested on an unknown charge in May 2016 and was released two weeks later.

Details of how the relationship between Cirena Wilson and DK Metcalf started are still unclear. In the past, Wilson has been linked with several other men including football players such as Jameis Winston and John Ross. She also dated rapper Young Thug for a brief period before finally settling down with Metcalf.

Who is DK Metcalf Girlfriend in 2022?

Cirena Wilson, Mother of DK Metcalf, Says He Wants to Play for Mississippi State Bulldogs

“I think he loves the university,” Wilson told me today. “He talks about it all the time. We have family up there. I can tell you this much: He wants to be at Mississippi State.

DK Metcalf girlfriend is a sweetheart and social butterfly. In her spare time, she enjoys exercising, playing board games, and shopping for chic clothing. Follow along with her day as she works at Cirena and then goes to a friend’s house for dinner.

Cirena Is a Sweetheart and Social Butterfly 

When it comes to making friends, Cirena is just about the best there ever was. She loves meeting new people, and she’s always up for planning an adventure. But more than that, she has a way of charming everyone at once. Everyone wants to be her friend, and no one can resist her style!

Speaking about her personal life and career, Cirena Wilson started her modeling career at the age of 19. Although she did not become successful as a model, she then found another passion of doing sportscasting and reporting.

She is a sports anchor and reporter in Seattle, working for Spectrum SportsNet. Being a sports anchor, Wilson has appeared in the World Series, The Super Bowl, The All-Star Game, and The NBA and MLB Playoffs.

ESPN Draft analyst Mel Kiper recently rated him as the second-best receiver, but he is projected as the first-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

He has confirmed that he has the same girlfriend as Cirena on Twitter.


Cirena Wilson Net worth

Cirena Wilson, who is a sportswoman, has her net worth estimated to be over $1 million, with a career earnings of $93,523. With it, her net worth is expected to increase in the coming days. Her estimated per-year earnings are $2,579, which shows how well she has maintained her net worth.

Her other than professional career net worth is not known yet. However, DK Metcalf’s girlfriendCirena also has a boyfriend.


That’s all.It looks like they have been together for a long time judging by the fact that they went to Las Vegas in early 2018, and there were many pictures of them together on social media. 

Before dating DK, Cirena was in an on-off relationship with an NFL player Jamil Douglas. They were together for four years but eventually broke up in January 2017.

Now you know everything about the model who was born in Florida and is still living in California.

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