Palomino Puma Travel Trailer Rates And Specifications

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer Rates And Specifications

Palomino Puma travel traileris the name of satisfaction and trust. It is the best brand in the world for travel trailers. Its main focus is customer satisfaction, and it is very successful in it. The company is a name for innovation and innovates new ways for customers satisfaction.

 The Palomino Puma trailers are for every lifestyle, and they suit your class in every way. These trailers are built better than all of its competition in the market. They are lightweight and also easy to tow and travel around with. These RVs can make your tours better.


History of Palomino Puma:

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer is the dream and idea of Mr. Vern Landey. He was a tent trailer distributor when he had the idea to make these trailers better for customers. He wanted customers to be comfortable on their adventures.

Palomino Camping trailer went into construction in 1968. The trailer in his time as a distributor were heavy and difficult to tow. They were not much comfort either. His mission was to change it and give consumers something better. It was just a start.

The company went in full gear in 1973 when the main production facility in Colon started production. Palomino saw an increase in its demand and was soon a big name in trailer manufacturing. Now the company is one of the best RV manufacturing companies in the country.


Companies’ Popularity:

Palomino Puma travel trailersare very popular, and their popularity is increasing with time. The company got so much popular in a very short period and what was the reason behind it?

The reason was the dream of Mr. Vern’s dream. His dream was customer satisfaction and making RVs better. He invested in people, and the investment came back. His company is now one of the best companies in the market.

Palomino trailers are very lightweight and comfortable. They have the best interior, and outdoor looks are also just amazing. You should have one to know why everyone loves these RVs.

Palomino Puma Travel Trailer Rates And Specifications


Why Palomino Puma Travel Trailers:

 The trailers are laid with features that customers will love. They are best to take on adventures anywhere. So, you will be like in-home where ever you go. They have an 80-inch height, so you can comfortably walk inside.

RVs laid with Heat ducted floor and also USB charging ports. The trailer also has a 35,000 BTU furnace. The interior of these RVs is quite comfy. Puma is strong, and the steel beam body gives it its strength. The trailer has a water tank inside to supply water for all users.

The interior of the travel house is marvelous, and you also get LED strip light and classy plywood work, which give it a tremendous look. You also get a bathroom skylight in your portable house. Your adventure Puma house comes with Bluetooth interior and exterior speaker, so it is party everywhere.


Features of Palomino Puma Trailers:

The trailer is full of features that will take your breath away. It is a house on wheels, where you can get just everything.


First, let’s talk about things on the outside; the trailers have exterior speakers that can take party everywhere. It has a friction-hinged door and powder-coated frames. The RVs have tinted safety glass and clamp ring windows. The LED exterior light strip is also available, which makes it best for the night.

They also have a large front pass-through baggage door and clamp ring luggage doors. Pumas have a 6-gallon water heater and two 20-pound gas bottles. A backup camera and solar prep are also available in these RVs.


Inside the trailers, we have just everything. The trailers have queen size bed, which is very comfortable. Shit closet and nightstands are available in the bedroom, also with a bedroom carpet. You also get a jack knife sofa in your trailer to rest.

In the kitchen, you have a 2-burner, high output range. 14 inch overhead drawers and kitchen drawers with ball bearing guides. A stainless-steel sink is also available in the kitchen. You also get a glass range cover and a built-in knife rack.

Power went bathrooms with shower and sink. The wooden medicine cabinet is there with a mirrored door on it. Overall, it is a house stacked on wheels.


How to purchase the best trailer:

All the Palomino Puma Travel trailersare best, but the definition of best for everyone is different. We will help you get the best piece to take home:


First of all, make a budget and filter all of the trailers that lie under that budget. This step is the most important, and after this, you will have a small list of trailers that you can buy.


Please make a list of all of your requirements and then tally it with the features of trailers. This step will knock out most of the campers from your list. Hence,  you will have a few left on your hand to choose from.


Make sure you buy a trailer that has a good warranty. Check for the warranty of trailers and check out those with the best guarantee.


From the finalists on your list, select the one with the best style. You can travel but always travel in style. This way, you can get the best trailer out there in the market.


Online sale:

The Palomino puma trailers are available online, and you can buy these trailers on Amazon. Amazon is the most trusted online market; you can get your hand on a Palomino trailer through Amazon.

Palomino is the official site of the Palomino Puma Travel trailers. You can purchase these trailers online from their site. Visit their site to know more about it.



Today we told you about some of the best travel trailers in the world. Palomino travel trailers are famous around the globe because of their comfort and features. They have a very consumer-centric approach.

Palomino RVs have the lowest prices but with tons of features. So, it would be best to visit their sites or check them physically to know what we are talking about. We gave you all the info related to the topic. All you have to do is get your hands on one of these and enjoy your trips.


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