What You Need To Know About Four Seasons Nails

What You Need To Know About Four Seasons Nails

Four Seasons Nails is a nail salon located in New Zealand; It is pretty famous for its lavish treatment. The salon provides the best nail treatment you can get anywhere in the world. Their experts can also guide you if you have any problems with your nails.

Girls love their nails, and in the age of fashion and social media, nails matter a lot. There are several treatments for nails that are required to make them look stunning. Some salons are good in one thing and another, but Four Seasons is best in everything. You can get all the nail treatments under one roof.


Why Nails Are So Important:

This is the internet age; the world’s fashion is coming together, and new styles emerge every day. Nails have been part of fashion for a long time, and their importance is still the same.

In the world of Instagram, flaunting nails is quite common. Beauties from all around the globe post their pictures over the internet and inspire the world. Nails are a critical aspect of beauty, and women worldwide are getting more encouraged by them due to the internet. Hence the importance of nails and nail treatment is increasing.


Four Seasons Nails:

The salon is located in New Zealand. They have a total of six branches in different cities of New Zealand.

They are providing their quality services to women in the country and making their nails beautiful.

Salons Story:

Four Seasons is a salon chain that started around 12 years ago in 2009. It is a family business and is run by CEO Judy Nguyen. Judy is the founder of this business, and her hard work took it to such heights.

Five new branches were open in 2016. The salon celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2019, and they invited their 60 most loyal and top customers to celebrate their 10th anniversary with them. It was an unforgettable celebration.

About CEO:

Judy Nguyen is the founder and also CEO of the salon. Judy was a banker but decided to do her own business. She opened the first branch of Four Seasons Nails in Johnsonville in 2009. Judy is a confident business lady who works hard for her salon.

She expanded it in 2016 and now has 6 branches in different countries. Judy Nguyen is a Master’s Degree holder from Victoria University of Wellington. She has her degree in Marketing and International Business. She has introduced new products through her salon that were never experienced by anyone in New Zealand before.

Judy is a busy lady, but she also finds time to look after her family. She spends precious time with her family.


Four Seasons has accomplished so much in 12 years under the supervision of Judy. The salon exceeds for its nails services, but they also provide some other beauty services. They also offer waxing, Cosmetics tattoo, eyelash extension, and several other benefits.

Four Seasons have introduced the SNS treatment for nails for the first time in New Zealand. This is an advanced treatment developed in America. It is Signature Nail System; it is healthier than other treatments, and it doesn’t use UV light and chemicals to cure and extend nails. This system was introduced by Judy and is now very famous in the whole country.

Beauty Services:

The salon is famous for nail services, but they also provide several other beauty services. Their services are mentioned in detail:

Acrylic Nails Services:

The salon provides Acrylic Nails services, but they are not available on all six salon branches. It is only available at Kapiti and Lower Hutt branches.

Manicure and Pedicure:

Manicure and Pedicure services are available on all branches of the salon. The Manicure and pedicure are available with Spa, and there are several packages for this service.

Gel Polishes:

Gel polishes are available at Four Seasons. The service is available in all six branches of the salon. They have different packages for gel polish, some merged with other benefits.

What You Need To Know About Four Seasons Nails


Four Seasons has introduced SNS in the country. They also provide this restorative treatment for nails in all of their salons.

Miscellanies Nails Services:

Several other nails services are also available. They have Nail Art designs services to make your nails look apart. They also have nail services for seniors as it requires more attention and care.


Waxing services are also available at their salons. They have several types of waxing services. So, they provide Facial, Upper lips, Bikini, Brazilian, and several other types of waxing services.

Eyelash Extension:

Eyelash extension service is also available at these salons. Several types of extension services and other treatments are available here, but they don’t provide volume lashes on any salon.

Other Services:

The salon has several other beauty services. They include different types of cosmetic tattoos. Four Seasons have eyebrow, eyeliner, and lips tattoo services, and they also provide eyebrow microblading services. They have different types of packages for these services.


It has a famous salon in the country, but their services charges are very reasonable. They charge a meager price for their high-class luxury services. So, their quality and rates are the reason they have thousands of loyal clients who love their services.


Four seasons have a website. So, if you want to utilize their services, the website can come in handy. They have a site with the name of 4seasonnails. You can visit their website to book an appointment or locate their salon from their website.

They also share tips and tricks to make your nails healthy. Visit their site to know more about them and their services. They also have their rates on their site; you can check them out too.



Four Seasons Nails is a famous nails salon in New Zealand. The article provides extensive detail about the salon and its services. You can read the full article to know about them. We also added information about their journey; it shows how much they have accomplished.

Their services are commendable, and their rates are pretty low. You can check them out from their website. Follow us for more beauty-related details.


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