Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park in Norco, California

South of Eastvale, California is being developed a new equestrian and sports complex. The facility will include a multipurpose field, equestrian arena, and concerts spanning multiple genres. This is a great opportunity for anyone who likes riding horses and being outdoors. The equestrian and sports park will be the premier venue for equestrian events, concerts, and multipurpose sporting events.

Norco’s Horse Town the USA

Norco’s Horse Town USA at SilverLakes equestrian and sports park features a large green space, soccer tournaments, and a clubhouse restaurant. During non-equestrian events, guests can enjoy meals and drink from the clubhouse bar. Visitors can also participate in horse training at the facility. The Green Space Club also provides expansive green space for soccer tournaments, training, and meals.

The company behind SilverLakes is looking to expand the 122-acre equestrian and sports park by 21 acres to accommodate larger equestrian shows. SilverLakes is asking for the city’s permission to conduct an environmental impact study for the expansion. The City Council will also be asked to approve an agreement with the Balboa Management Group, which leases the property.

It hosts concerts for a wide range of genres

For an enchanting evening of music, SilverLakes Equestrian and Sports Park host a variety of concerts throughout the year. With a large lawn and tree-lined paths, this park is an idyllic setting for a relaxing picnic or an intimate conversation. The Barnsdall Gallery Theatre brings diverse voices to the stage, and you’ll find unique performances here. Visitors will also be able to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House, which is a historic landmark. Unfortunately, the park was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can still enjoy this outdoor art exhibit and experience a performance here.

It hosts equestrian events

For those who enjoy the sport of horseback riding, the 130-acre Silverlakes equestrian and sports complex is the place to be. The facility was initially developed as soccer and equestrian complex, but over the years has expanded into a multi-event destination, hosting equestrian events and sporting events, as well as concerts and private parties.

The Riverside County Grand Jury said that Norco turned the 122-acre property into a profit-making project when it was meant for open space, recreational use, and public park purposes. While the SilverLakes equestrian and sports complex does have a full-service restaurant, the grand jury found that the park did not meet its original purposes. Norco officials deny the charges and say they are following a court-ordered restriction on the use of the property.

It has multipurpose fields

The proposed Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park in Norco, California includes 28 soccer fields, full equestrian facilities, a vendor village, an all-weather sand surface horse riding ring, a reception hall, parking, and security lighting. It also includes water and other amenities for recreational vehicles. The project has drawn a lot of controversy in the surrounding communities.

The new complex will have equestrian and field sports facilities on 150 acres. The equestrian facilities will be equipped with LED lights to illuminate the turf fields. A concessionaire facility will be built alongside the fields. The facility is planned to host multiple horse shows and soccer tournaments. It also will feature a multipurpose event building with a clubhouse and concessions. The facility has also hosted Grammy Award-winning artists in its annual concerts and events.

It accepts credit cards

To make it easy for people to make payments, Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park have made the process of accepting credit cards a breeze. The facility accepts credit cards, debit cards, and checks, so you won’t have to worry about paying cash. You can use any card that works with their website. For your convenience, they also offer a guest card so you can pay with your card without leaving the facility.

It is not pet friendly

The SilverLakes Equestrian and Sports Park is a beautiful, outdoor area located in Norco, California. The park was established to provide an equestrian experience for both tournament players and the public. This equestrian venue is home to major sporting events, concerts featuring country artists, and other entertainment. The park is also home to a restaurant and cafe. The park is located close to lodging options and is a great family attraction. The park is not pet friendly but does offer several activities for children, including a horseback riding experience.

Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park

There are many reasons to visit Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park, including its expansive green space. This facility is a great place to participate in a soccer tournament or play a game of horseback riding. Other benefits include a restaurant and a clubhouse. Listed below are the main features of the Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park. You can also learn more about its location by reading the following article.


The Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park is a multipurpose sporting venue in Riverside County, California. The facility is situated adjacent to River Trails Park and is also close to the Eastvale Community Park. It is located about 2 miles from the Naval Surface Warfare Center, part of the Navy’s Sea Systems Command. Located in northwestern Riverside County, Eastvale is a large community with a wide range of amenities.

Primary use

The equestrian and sports park at Silverlakes offers a wide range of activities for all ages. You can participate in soccer tournaments or horse training. There’s a restaurant on the grounds as well. And the neighborhood is bursting with restaurants and coffee shops. You can eat out at the clubhouse restaurant or grab a bite to eat in the green space clubhouse.

The property is being developed with the intent of serving both the professional and amateur sports markets. It will have 24 full-size soccer fields, a 5,000-seat stadium field, and ample recreational vehicle parking. There will also be a 315,000 square-foot multi-use building, a pedestrian mall, office space, and a maintenance building. It’s estimated that this project will generate millions of dollars in tax revenue over the next few decades.


The Silverlakes equestrian and sports complex have many amenities, including a soccer field and expansive green space for soccer tournaments. The facility also has a clubhouse restaurant and a Green Space Club where members can eat and train horses. The Green Space Club also offers a soccer field, and meals are available in the restaurant. Silverlakes equestrian and sports park costs vary based on membership, but most people spend less than $200 per month for access to the park.

The Silverlakes equestrian and sports complex will offer a variety of activities. The property will host numerous soccer games, including UCLA women’s soccer games. It will also host concerts and other outdoor gatherings. The park will be used for corporate events and concerts, and will also serve as a venue for special events and sports. The property will also host several concerts, including rock and country concerts.

For those who want to attend a concert, the Silverlakes sports complex is a great choice. There are two restaurants on-site, the FieldHouse Restaurant and Bar, and ample outdoor seating. The complex is well-maintained and features free WiFi and a garden. The complex offers a variety of programs and events and is open seven days a week. In addition to hosting various events, Silverlakes is home to a recreational beginner and intermediate flag football league.


With expansive green spaces for soccer tournaments and horse training, Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park is the perfect spot for family activities. It also offers a clubhouse with a restaurant where residents can eat and enjoy the great outdoors. Residents can join a Green Space Club for membership benefits. The Green Space Club offers a variety of programs that cater to a range of interests, from training horses to promoting healthy lifestyles.

The SilverLakes equestrian and sports park are one of the nation’s largest equestrian and sports event centers. With 24 soccer fields and a 6-acre concert venue, Silverlakes is the perfect destination for sporting events. The venue has hosted many concerts, including Boots in the Park, Norco, and Billy Currington. The complex is conveniently located off the 15 freeway.

Aside from equestrian events, Silverlakes Equestrian & Sports Park is also home to several concerts and sporting events. Fans of a variety of genres are sure to enjoy a concert at the Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park. The event site is near several popular venues, including River Trails Park, Eastvale Community Park, and the Naval Surface Warfare Center, which is part of the Naval Sea Systems Command.


Aside from the equestrian arena, Silverlakes equestrian and sports parks offer soccer tournaments, a clubhouse restaurant, and extensive green space. Green Space Club members also have access to horse training facilities, a clubhouse restaurant, and extensive green space for soccer tournaments. Guests can dine at a nearby restaurant after a long day at the park. The sports park also has a Green Space Club that offers soccer tournaments, horse training, and meals at the clubhouse restaurant.

This 130-acre privately owned site is transforming Norco, California, into a model for youth sports, entertainment, and community interaction. Upon opening in September 2015, SilverLakes is already one of the country’s largest youth sports facilities. Located off Interstate 15, SilverLakes is convenient to the city of Norco, where soccer matches and other events take place. In addition to soccer, the venue also offers concerts and corporate events for a fun and memorable family experience.

The property has 24 soccer fields, 5 equestrian rings, and a six-acre concert venue. Three different stage locations allow for events with up to 10,000 people. The FieldHouse Restaurant & Bar is open daily from 4 pm and offers fresh, delicious meals. A happy hour menu is available from 4 pm to 6 pm. Security is a priority, and the property is safe and secure for visitors.

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